New nominations are in Bigg Boss2 Telugu


New nominations are in Bigg Boss2 Telugu, 25th june , Episode 16:

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss2 Telugu ,The episode started on a positive note where Kireeti has apologized to Kaushal for his behavior. He also clarified to all the housemates about his reaction. Babu Gogineni explained to Kaushal about Sanjana & Nutan Naidu’s Strategy over the game and expressed that the eliminated contestants are good personally but are unfit for the show.

Some of the inmates started discussing about the nominations in the house.

Bigg Boss warned all the housemates strictly to make sure that none of the inmates should not discuss about the nominations in the house.
Also, Bigg Boss tells the housemates to have an activity by sending some placards.

Bigg Boss announces nominations after Completing the activity.Each housemate have to nominate two people.

Bigg Boss declared that none can nominate Amit as he is a captain and Nandini as this is the first week for her.

* Tanish nominated GeethaMadhuri and Ganesh (for his emotional imbalance).

*Amit nominated GeethaMadhuri and Ganesh (for his emotional imbalance).

*Syamala nominated Ganesh and Tejaswi (for being a strong competition to her)

*Deepthi Sunaina proposed Ganesh name for his week performance in the house and Kireeti Damaraju

*Kireeti Damarajunominated Geetha Madhuri and Kaushal.

* Roll Rida nominated Kireeti Damaraju and Ganesh .

*Babu Gogineni nominated Ganesh for being over-stressed and Deepthi Sunaina

* Tejaswi nominated Deepthi for being over nice to inmates and Ganesh.

* Ganesh nominated Tejaswi and Kireeti Damaraju.

*Deepthi Nallamothu nominated Tejaswi and Bhanu.

*Nandini nominated Bhanu (for being rude towards her during one of her cleansing sessions) and Kireeti Damaraju

*Samrat nominated Ganesh and Kireeti Damaraju

*Geetha Madhuri nominated Tanish and Kireeti Damaraju

*Bhanu Sree nominated Kaushal and Kireeti Damaraju

* Kaushal nominated Bhanu Sree and Kireeti Damaraju

Finally Bigg Boss announced that Kireeti Damaraju, Ganesh, Geetha Madhuri, Bhanu Sree and Tejaswi had the maximum votes for nominations.

Nandini says something that leads to an argument between Nandini and Bhanu. Some of the housemates tries to justify her behaviour when Bhanu cribs and Amit being very tactic ended up the discussion between them.


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