Bigg Boss2 Telugu Luxury Budget task Continues…


Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Episode 18 : The luxury budget task of Sugarcane juice factory continued in episode 18. The Bigg Boss instructed the contestants to fill 100 bottles with Sugarcane juice. The Bigg Boss handed over money to both the teams for successfully completing task one of episode 17. The team heads distributes the money to the members of the team based on their efforts put into for completing the task. If team members need more money they could request their heads.

The captain of Green team, Kireeti distributed Rs.5000 to each team member. On the other hand, Kireeti Made a deal with Roll Rida to give Rs.15000 if he made yellow  team to fail

the task. And Roll Rida agreed to do this, he did not help his teammates to ensure they failed in their tasks. When the yellow captain head Kaushal asked him the reason for not working, Roll Rida said that he would help his teammates only if he gets money before finishing the task.

However, the two teams failed to win the task as they did not meet the demand of Bigg Boss in filling 100 bottles of juice.Later, Bigg Boss ordered to fill 75 bottles.While, Tejaswi received an offer from the green team to shift loyalties from the yellow team. The two teams successfully completed the task in which yellow team got 3points and green team got 2 points.

As the luxury task was completed, Bigg Boss ordered the team heads to distribute money to the team members. He also said that they can also spare some money for the quality check manager BhanuSree.

Later, Bigg Boss called all the contestants to disclose the amount left with them. BhanuSree told Bigg Boss that she has Rs 31,000. Tejaswi was declared as a winner among all the workers as she had a huge amount of Rs 71000 and Ganesh was second in the list with Rs 55,000. Kaushal was announced as the winner with 15000 as Kireeti was left with zero.

Bigg Boss offered  Tejaswi and Kaushal with a special vote power as they are the winners of the task.


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