YouTube Pushes Memberships, Merchandise as Alternatives to Ads

YouTube said on Thursday that video uploaders with more than 100,000 followers could start paid fan clubs on the service, one of several new features...
Patanjali KImbo

Patanjali’s Whatsapp-rival Kimbho will take two more months, at least

Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev stated that it will take another two months to set up 'Kimbho', his flagship company, Patanjali's messaging app. "During the testing phase of...
Twitter Users

Twitter Users More Logical in the Morning, Emotional in the Evening: Study

HIGHLIGHTS Early morning tweets are often based on a logical way of thinking Those in the evenings and nights are high on emotions A...

7 things you must know about your smartphone’s camera

7 things you must know about your smartphone’s camera With great technology comes great terminology. The camera tech in today’s smartphones has grown exponentially. The camera quality...

Google’s augmented reality Measure App

Google has updated its augmented reality Measure app to support the company’s ARCore standard. The update opens up the app to more devices, including the Pixel 2, Galaxy S9,...
Facebook monitored

‘Your Time On Facebook’ may soon be monitored

Facebook has reportedly introduced a new feature, tentatively titled "Your Time On Facebook", that would provide information about how much time users spent on...
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