It’s Time for New Captain…


Big Boss Season 2 has successfully completed 20 episodes. The Interesting topic of the 20th episode on Friday was choosing the captain.

Bigg Boss chosen the house captain for this week by providing the Biryani dinner.
Captain Amit was asked to tell three names that who eats alot in the home.
Amit proposed Kireeti, Ganesh and Roll Rida names. Now big boss have given the twist.

Big boss said that who would have eat more biryani will be selected as the captain and Amit will have to serve the biryani to three of the competitors and also he should determine the winner, the time has also given a lot more.

In this competition, Roll Rida becomes the captain of the house as he eats about 13 ladles of biryani.

Bigg boss has congratulated house members for the successful completion of the luxury budget task “Sugarcane juice Factory” and also 3,000 points were awarded 200 points each for 15 contestants.

Big boss has ordered to bring the white board from the store room and write the names of the groceries on the board that they need.The house members have decided and written the names of the groceries and its quantity that they want and by depending on the points that they have.

The big boss became serious as the House members are violating the terms like most of them were talking in english, sleeping most of the time and talking without Mics. Bigg boss asked roll rida to propose two members who have been violating the rules.

Roll rida proposed tanish name as he is talking in english and babu gogineni as he is talking without Mic. So, Babu gogineni and Tanish were sent to jail as a punishment for violating the house rules.


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