Sugarcane Juice Factory in Bigg Boss2


Big Boss Season2 completes 16 episodes with interesting consequences and entered the 17th episode on Tuesday (June 26). Two of the total 17 contestants have been eliminated where another five were in the Elimination Zone.
In 17th episode, The big boss house was converted into a sugar factory as part of the Luxury Budget Task.

The house mates were divided into two groups. One is the Yellow Team and the other is Green.The captain of the Yellow Team is Kaushal and the team members are Deepthi Sunaina, Tejaswi, Amit, Deepthi, Roll Rida and Nandini while the captain of the Green team is Kireeti and the team members are GeethaMadhuri, Syamala, Ganesh, Babu Gogineni, Tanish and Samrat.
Big boss appointed BhanuSree as the check manager of the Sugarcane factory with the responsibility of declaring the winners.
According to this task, two sugarcane missions were assigned to eachTeam, contestants were asked to squeeze out sugar cane juice and fill it into bottles. And the team which extracts more juice will be as declared as winners.

Geeta Maduri, Shyamala and Ganesh who were in the green team added water into juice to win the task. But they were caught cheating by check manager Bhanu Sri.

Later, Bigg Boss declared the yellow team as winners of the two rounds of the task.

Tejaswi, Samrat, DeeptiSunaina and Tanish were involved in serious discussions while completely ignoring the game on the show. Later, Tejaswi was seen crying when Samrat pointed at her and said, “Not everyone behaves like you.” However, Tanish consoled Tejaswi.

Samrat and Tejaswi are seen spending time together chatting up while ignoring other contestants in the house.

Let us watch what kind of interesting consequences may take place in next episode.



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