Bigg Boss Telugu 2:House witnesses some ugly fights

Bigg Boss Telugu 2

Bigg Boss Telugu 2 written update, June 22, 2018: House witnesses some ugly fights, Amit emerges as the new captain

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss Telugu season 2, the housemates led by Syamala apologised to Bigg Boss for not following the house rules.
Bigg Boss announced that their candle punishment slammed at them completed. Walking on the treadmill, Ganesh was seen indulging in self-talk. He cribbed about the happenings in the house. Ganesh regretted that he is not shrewd enough to survive in the house.

Kaushal and Nutan discussed the housemates and their perspectives on the game.

Syamala, Nandini & Bhanu bickered about Deepthi Sunaina and the way they keep their clothes. Nandini complained that her allergy is being aggravated by her (Sunaina) untidy bed. Bhanu tries to help Sunaina in doing her bed.

On the request of the inmates, Geetha Madhuri sang a few classic Telugu songs.

Housemates discussed the dining rules.

Tejaswi did not have lunch as food wasn’t enough for everyone. She cribbed about it with Amit. Tejaswi also proposed to serve food from the next day. Samrat hollered at the inmates for not cleaning their plates and dishes. He questioned about the manners their families taught them. The housemates decided to mark the dishes with their respective names.

Kaushal asked Tejaswi and Samrat to eat at the dining table instead of the couch. Samrat and Tejaswi disagreed and pointed out to the tone Kaushal spoke.

Nutain Naidu was miffed by this and picked a fight with Samrat.

Enraged Samrat challenged Nutan to point out a mistake in his behaviour. Kaushal found fault with Tejaswi’s way of asking inmates to eat less. This led to an argument between Kaushal and Tejaswi.

Housemates fought over Kaushal physically lifting Deepthi Sunaina earlier in a task.

Tanish and Nutan Naidu engaged in an argument. Kaushal backed Nutan Naidu.

Kiriti comforted Tanish.
Babu Gogineni supported Tejaswi.
Samrat took the punishment and jumped in the pool as the teammates did not follow the rules. Geeta Madhuri and Nutan Naidu teamed up.

Tanish and Deepthi Nallamothu felt there is politics being played in the house and they prepare themselves for it.

Captaincy Task:

Amit, Tanish and Kaushal were nominated for it. Samrat initially nominated Bhanu in the place of Kaushal.

In the task titled Oopirunnathavaraku, Amit, Tanish and Kaushal had to hang onto the shacks tied to T stands. The inmates had to poke and instigate contenders (except the one they support) to drop down.

Kiriti blamed Kaushal of misbehaving with women in the house pointing out at his behaviour with Deepthi Sunaina.



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