Ganesh, Kaushal and Nutan Naidu are in ‘Danger Zone’

Ganesh, Kaushal and Nutan Naidu are in ‘Danger Zone’

Bigg Boss written update, June 23, 2018: Ganesh, Kaushal and Nutan Naidu are in ‘Danger Zone

Nani welcomed Amit as the new captain of the house.
Nani asked Nandini’s opinion about everything in the house. He asked about the crying episode in her initial days. She inquired Nani of her pregnant dog. Nani informed her that 7 puppies were born. She was relieved to know this.

Samrat spoke about his captaincy. She in return gave ‘love’ emoji to Deepthi Nallamothu. He felt that the inmates took advantage of his niceness and considerate nature and further, he nominated Deepti Sunaina for the captaincy. Nani played a video on Samrat’s captaincy as he thought that he can’t make his own decisions and is very gullible. Samrat gave the (cool) emoji to Babu Gogineni. Amit felt confident about winning the hearts of the housemates and be a great captain. He gave the ‘disgusting’ emoji to the Roll Rida. Nani praised Geeta Madhuri for her job and her sense of judgment. She mentioned about her conflict with Tanish. Nani felt that she is detached at times and is not involving in acts that didn’t concern her directly. She felt Tanish has anger issues and gave the joker emoji to Roll Rida.

Nani spoke about the way housemates treated Deepti Sunaina. A video was played wherein she said Tanish is smart, Samrat is dumb, Syamala is stupid and that Koushal shall leave voluntarily and won’t last long in the house. Nani warned her to behave herself and advised teammates not to pamper her anymore. She gave the ‘Mouth zip’ emoji to Koushal and said that she wasn’t pleased with Koushal’s explanation after lifting her.

Koushal expressed his displeasure over (lifting Deepthi Sunaina) issue again. He felt everyone misread the situation. Deepthi Sunaina was declared in the safe zone.

Nani applauded Deepthi Nallamothu and Syamala. He asked them to be active in all tasks. He advised them to stay aware of each other’s moves as well and stay as competitors.

Deepthi got a foodie emoji. She gave it to Ganesh. Syamala got a drooling face emoji. She gave it to Amit thinking he is cute.

Nani pointed out at Tanish’s anger issues. Tanish defended himself and believed that he is just letting his emotions out. Nani advised Tanish not to take sides during arguments (referring to Nutan and Samrat’s fight) as he is supposed to be a team player. Nani thought Tanish is creating separate groups (Tanish-Samrat-Tejaswi were seen as a gang quite a few times together). Tanish defended himself again and gave the annoying emoji to Koushal.

Nani felt Ganesh is limiting himself and is fearing something and reminded him of his worth. Ganesh gave the ‘scarecrow’ emoji to Nutan Naidu.

Babu Gogineni was declared in the safe zone. Nani asked Babu his opinion about his stature in the house. Babu Gogineni spoke about his analytical nature and how he gauges situations and acts accordingly without creating more drama in the house. Nani appreciated his proficiency in Telugu. He hugged Samrat and appreciated his captaincy. He gave cranky emoji to Tejaswi.

Nani praised Roll Rida’s silent play. He also appreciated his stripping task. He gave anger emoji to Tanish. Nani noticed Bhanu becoming silent in the house matters than she was initially. He complimented her voice. Bhanu revealed that she is hurt with few things around. She thought everyone is playing safe instead of playing bold. He gave confused emoji to Geeta Madhuri.

Nani played a video of Nutan Naidu doing funny stretches. Nani reminded him of his inspirational speech to Koushal. He gave intervening emoji to Koushal.

Koushal thought everyone in the house is filthy and corrupted. He thought it is pure torture and emotional politics. Nani felt his feelings are justified. He gave Punching emoji to Tanish.

Tejaswi felt hurt about being blamed for ‘group-ism’ in the house. She spoke about the limited food and said that she was struggling to convey her emotions rightly. She gave filthy-mouth emoji to herself.

Nani blamed Kiriti for his double games. He played a video of his double standards wherein he comforted Tanish, trash-talked about Koushal and his captaincy goals, blamed Nutan Naidu for stirring a lot of drama and accused Nutan of instigating Tanish. Nani pointed out at his behaviour with Koushal where he tried to mess with his eyes in the captaincy task. He warned him to watch his behaviour. Kiriti defended himself. He gave star emoji to Babu Gogineni.

Nani declared that Ganesh, Kaushal and Nutan Naidu are in the red zone.


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