5 reasons which could have led to Sanjana’s elimination

Sanjana’s elimination
Bigg Boss Telugu 2: 5 reasons which could have led to Sanjana’s elimination

Sanjana Anne’s entry in the Bigg Boss Telugu season 2, as one of the three entrants from the ‘Common man’ category, was a pleasant surprise. However, Sanjana has been a sensation in the on-going second edition of Bigg Boss right from the word go.

She was jailed within hours of her entry into the show, which rubbed her on the wrong side. Sanjana started making noise with her aggressive stance on the celebrity-common man divide in the house. It took over two days for Sanjana to join the housemates. However, her subsequent spats with Tejaswi and Babu Gogineni posted her into the bad books of the audience. Well, here are the five probable reasons behind her elimination.

1. It was undoubtedly the people’s choice to eliminate her.

2/10People’s choice

A majority of 2 crore votes (approx.) determined her fate in the Bigg Boss house.

3/10First nomination for eviction…

With her aggressive attitude and expressions, Sanjana came across as a difficult person.

4/10First nomination for eviction..

The testimonials of the Bigg Boss inmates in the confession room also add to this.

5/10Friction with inmates…

The other housemates also blamed her for getting into unnecessary friction.

6/10Friction with inmates..

Developing friction with inmates quickly and also subsequently contributing towards ‘groupism’ in the house is definitely not the quintessential quality of a good contestant in the Bigg Boss.

7/10‘Celebrity-Common man divide’ did not help?

Underlining the celebrity-common man division in the house and using it as a strategy did not help her as expected.

8/10‘Celebrity-Common man divide’ did not help?

According to sources, Sanjana might be staying loyal to her nature but her incapability in winning the hearts of her inmates also contributed to her elimination.

9/10Elimination a strategy?

Nani concealed that Nandini, the new entrant in the house, couldn’t enter the house in the first episode due to her injury.

10/10Elimination a strategy?

So, Sanjana’s entry and exit (due to the excessive negativity and public votes) is likely to be a part of the strategy of the makers.


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