How to Download COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate Using WhatsApp

Download COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate Using WhatsApp

You can now download your COVID-19 vaccine certificate on WhatsApp using the government’s corona helpdesk number. It is possibly the quickest way to get the certificate. You can also use the helpdesk number to get details regarding nearby vaccination centres.

Till now There were two ways to download your covid-19vaccine certificate,either using Aarogya Setu app or CoWIN website.

But now you can download your vaccine certificate on Whatsapp. now this is the quickest and easiest way possible to get your vaccine on your phone.

But before you download your vaccine certificate, you obviously need to have at least gotten your first dose of vaccine.

So when you get your first dose, you are issued a provisional vaccine certificate.

And when you get both the doses, you are issued a final vaccine certificate, which will enable you to travel to other countries and will also let you bypass covid-19 test restrictions if there are any,in some cases. so let’s see how you can download it on.

first up, save the government’s corona Helpdesk number(9013151515) on your phone.

Download COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate

and then open its whatsapp chat, now type download certificate or covid certificate

Download COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate

You will now receive a six digit OTP on your number. so enter that. but just make sure you do that within thirty Seconds.

Download COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate

you will now be shown all the names of the users registered on the covid website using your whatsapp number, then type the number of the user who certificate you wish to download.
Download COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate

you will now instantly get the vaccines certificate in a pdf format. you can now easily download it, print it or save it for future purposes.

and if you wish to download vaccines or to create for other members also, then just type y, and you will get the back.

we can also use this corona helpdesk number to get information regarding vaccination centers or coronavirus pandemic.



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