PM Modi Holds High-Level Meeting On Covid Situation Amid Surge In Cases

Narendra Modi

The prime minister has held a covid review meeting. The prime minister chairing that meeting on the covid surge across India.

as india now, completely in the grips of the third covid wave, the country has reported one lakh, fifty nine thousand, six hundred and thirty two new covid cases in the last twenty four hours.

Narendra Modi

and the deaths in the same standard, three hundred and twenty seven deaths now is, in fact, going to consider more restrictions.

the prime minister speaking with all stakeholders at this point, perhaps to map out in their strategy over the next few weeks, many modelers and statisticians and experts saying that india’s peak could be achieved between the first and the fifteenth of february.

and but already considering the doubling rate in most states is now down to two to three days, we’re likely to see massive numbers going ahead.

now. the only silver lining so far has been that the omron variant appears to be milder. however, there are still concerns that the health system could get overwhelmed.
well, prime minister office officials have told us that this is a part of the regular exercise that prime minister has followed since the covid outbreak.

Meeting is being held at the time when numbers again are rising, as you know that in india, the overall covid figures are alarmingly very high.

and despite efforts at the state level, the state government has so far not been very successful in containing the spread of corona.

and of course, there is concerning the government to prime minister is doing both the state of the measures that are being initiated to contain this sudden spike, spike in the numbers of covid patients and also the availability of hospital beds, the oxygen availability in hospitals.

so that if numbers rise, and if more people need hospitalizations, adequate health care measures can be provided to.


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