How to book movie tickets in bookmyshow app

Book Movie Tickets

BookMyShow is the world’s biggest cinema exhibition network with more than 100 million tickets sold each year.

The company was founded in 2006 by Ashish Hemrajani, Rajesh Balpande, Parikshit Dar. It was the first to provide an online movie ticketing service in India.

The app works on both iOS and Android operating systems with the user interface remaining the same as well as displaying both English and Indian languages.

Bookmyshow is an app which is used to book movie tickets online.

There are three types of ticket available:

Normal Ticket: These tickets are the cheapest and only offer the seats in the front rows.

Gold Ticket: These tickets offer seats at all times in the movie hall and also provide special privileges.

Silver Ticket: This ticket offers more luxury then gold ticket, including parking, food etc.

The following steps are involved in booking a normal ticket in the Bookmyshow app –

Step 1) Go to Google Play Store or App Store

Step 2) Download Bookmyshows app

Step 3) Create account on Bookmyshow by providing required details like email ID, password etc.

Step 4) Search for movie you want to watch and showtime and you’re done

There is no need to wait in a queue or stand at the counter to purchase a ticket.

This is how it works:


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