ONYX | A new way to use, stabilise and protect your camera

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3D printed titanium & advanced materials make it extremely agile, lightweight & durable. Helping protect your camera anywhere you go.


Meet the Arculus ONYX 

ONYX is the first additively manufactured and protective three-axis camera gimbal. Its revolutionary new design, advanced materials, and manufacturing techniques allow it to be incredibly lightweight, intuitive to use and helps protect your camera.

Inspired by our love of action sports and the New Zealand outdoors the ONYX was built to redefine camera motion control, allowing you to capture production quality video content in the most dangerous situations and environments.

We inspire filmmakers to take risks & create without compromise.

Ultra Lightweight 

Weight is a critical component of handheld camera movement. The skeleton is laser sintered aerospace grade titanium alloy which is surrounded by a carbon fibre skin. Every gram of weight has been calculated to provide maximum strength and structural integrity. So it can be operated for longer, go further and capture shots nobody else is willing to get.

Compact, Agile and Versatile 

ONYX has an extremely shallow depth and small size. In combination with its ultra lightweight design this allows it to be held close to the body for extended periods, fit into incredibly tight places and with its unique handle geometry, be held in the most awkward situations. Its versatility is ready for anything you can throw at it.

Impact Protection

When pushing the limits accidents happen. When it takes a tumble, every aspect of ONYX’sstructure is designed to provide maximum structural strength and impact absorption to help protect your camera. It encourages you to create production quality content in the most challenging situations and environments.

The ONYX was designed for filmmakers with compact cinema cameras who want to increase production value with high-quality video content, in dangerous situations and environments.

Filmmakers will often compromise on their content quality to protect their equipment or use equipment that is less than ideal. To stabilise video requires cumbersome equipment and usually restricts your freedom of movement.

We designed ONYX to become the next generation of camera movement equipment to allow filmmakers to take their cameras to places once thought as impossible.

Some adventures take you well past your comfort zone, and this is where the ONYX was specifically built to thrive. Destroy the limitations of how your compact cinema camera can be used.

Push your limits like never before.

ONYX is built using advanced manufacturing techniques with the strongest and lightest materials available.

Titanium alloy has the highest strength to weight ratio of any metal and is used to build the skeleton of the structure. Using DMLS (direct metal laser sintering) a form of additive manufacturing and topology optimisation we have mathematically calculated material layout. DMLS uses a high-powered laser and reads from a cross-section of a CAD file and micro-welding particles of fine metal powder together to form an exact shape. It enables several shifts in thinking and capability. DMLS makes more with less; reducing waste, component count, assembly times, energy and raw material input.

Carbon fibre shells in combination with carbon fibre tube hold it all together, providing a structure of high stiffness and strength. The shells have been developed with a toughened resin to withstand impact forces better.

Fibre reinforced plastics have used in the areas requiring less structural stiffness such as the control board housing, battery pack and handle mounts. Parts can be optimised to be incredibly lightweight and durable.

We have an optional upgrade protection package to extend impact protection for ONYX and your camera which includes:

XRD Poron Foam Technology that covers the outer carbon fibre shells and the handle. It is a closed-celled polyurethane that is a lightweight, thin material engineered for impact and shock absorption. Soft and flexible to the touch, yet tough on impact.

A removable polycarbonate dome has been injection moulded for consistent optical and dimensional performance with a surface precision between 1-10 micron and surface roughness lower than 10 microns. ONYX provides the ultimate 360-degree protection when in the most dangerous environments.

Note: The domes will only mount onto the protection upgrade. The domes could be removed if not needed, cutting your weight down to 1100 grams without batteries.

The 32-bit control system is the heart of ONYX and provides optimal image stabilisation performance even in the most demanding conditions. Features such as encoded brushless motors and long battery life provide added versatility and functionality to ONYX. Shake-free performance that you can rely on. 

We have three pre-programmed user modes for the most common camera operator movements. Have the ability to move and hold the camera to stay in the desired direction and the ability to control important parameters via a smartphone app. So you can have ONYXwork precisely how you want.

Follow Pan

Smoothly follows the panning motion to smooth out any unwanted camera operator movement. The speed and amount of movement before it follows can be controlled via the app.

Follow Pan + Tilt

Smoothly follows the panning and tilt motion to smooth out any unwanted camera operator moment. Point the camera where you want, and it always keeps the horizon level. The speed and amount of movement before it follows can be controlled via the app.

Lock Axis

This mode allows the operator to focus on a specific subject where the pan, tilt, and roll will be locked.

Software Features

Additional software features include the ability to use ONYX to make time lapses and hyper lapses content. The gimbal can be mounted or placed to perform time-lapses.


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